The Power of Water


Our bodies are made of up to 60% water. It’s an essential part of life considering we can go up to 3 times longer without food than we can without water. For today’s #50forMe Challenge, we look at 4 ways that water aids in our health:


Weight Management

Drinking water can aid in weight loss by helping our bodies burn fat. Often, our bodies may get dehydrated, which in turn slows down our bodies’ productivity. Think of an irrigation system without enough water in the pipes; it can’t fully water and nourish the yard which puts vegetation at risk of “burning out” in the sun. The same goes for our bodies. They need to be well-watered machines to function optimally.



As we age, our bodies need more water. This is because when we’re born, we’re made of about 78% water. But by the time we reach adulthood, this number decreases continually by nearly 20-30%. To combat the natural drying out of our bodies, which can be a cause of feminine dryness, dry mouth and more, drinking water can help remedy these signs of aging.


Hair + Skin

Another aging factor that water can help is dry skin. The skin’s elasticity suffers when it is dry, and fine lines love dry skin. Collagen—our skin’s non-renewable “youth” supply—needs water to keep up production while it can.

A dry scalp due to dehydration can lead to brittle, dull hair. Contrary to popular belief, oils and moisturizers have nothing on water when it comes to hydration.


Eliminate Waste

Up to 40% of the time, we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty; it’s just our digestive systems alerting us that they need water to aid digestion. It could also be our cardiovascular or respiratory systems letting us know our hearts or lungs could use a boost by more hydrogen and oxygen via H2O. It can also be our endocrine or excretory systems reminding us that they need hydration to remove waste from our systems. Pardon the visual but imagine what it would be like if every toilet lacked water…


So drink up!


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