Sunscreen Moisturizers


Moisturizers have been used for thousands of years dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Both royalty and commoners alike would apply animal fat, olive or palm oil to their skin. The first recorded sunscreen methods  are also found here, where ancient Egyptians, then ancient Romans would combine fine sand with oil as a way to protect themselves against the sun’s rays.

In the 20th century, chemist Eugene Schueller, who went on to found L’Oréal, created a zinc sun cream in 1940. Franz Greiter coined the term Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in 1960 and developed a sun cream after getting a sunburn while mountain-climbing. Surprisingly, modern sunscreen was not introduced until 1980 in the United States, where today the skincare market is full of options.

For this #50forMe Challenge, we are sharing the top moisturizers with sunscreen. If you’re looking for other ways to keep your face moisturized, learn more here.

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