Day of Solitude

Alone time is invaluable. Setting aside space in our schedules just to be--sans spouse, kid, friend or roommate--could be considered the single most important thing for care givers.

Our relationships can be like flashlights. When the batteries are full, the light shines bright, but as the batteries drain, the light weakens. In our relationships, we have to be recharged to be our best, which is why solitude is a quintessential component to self-care. For today's #50forMe Challenge, we'll lay out some ground rules to help maximize your next Day of Solitude.


Clear the Space

This may mean giving roommates advanced notice not to come to your door. It could mean setting up playdates for little ones, significant other and pets, or it could be an IG post that indicates “BRB”. The key is to maximize the potential for stillness.


Please the Palette

Consider ordering in or, if going into total seclusion, plan to stock up beforehand. Here are some Paleo, gluten-free, and Whole30 snack ideas.


Do Nothing

This is the hard part. Even binge watching a favorite show can sap our energy. Try to set apart a designated quiet time to bask in being by yourself. Just ten minutes can start recharging the batteries. 


Book the Next

Penciling in your next Day of Solitude prioritizes it in your life; over time it can become a constant in your self-care routine. Remind yourself of the date whenever you begin to feel overwhelmed--think of it as a light at the end of the tunnel.


What do you think of today's #50forMe Challenge? Let us know in the comments below.