#50forMe: Shine App

We're starting off #50forMe with a little-known self-talk practice. We found this gem through positive texting platform Shine, which sends daily texts with powerful life messages to get you through the day. The practice stems around squelching negative self-talk by using what Shine coined as a "self-talk self-word." 

Each of us has to handle the sometimes insufferable noise in our head. It's interesting that many people's noise sounds the same--"I'm not enough". However, if we all listen to this, then who is enough? At best, this type of negative self-talk continues to push us, and at worst, it pulls us into the dreaded doldrum. It's crucial to have a go-to strategy to rescue yourself from the noise.



How  it works


1. Recognize the noise

Rule of thumb: If it isn't loving, guiding and gentle, consider cutting it out. At first, it may be surprising how often you have to acknowledge and alleviate unsupportive thoughts. What's even more surprising is  how much better you'll feel once you do.


2. Set your safe word

You can let your imagination run wild here; after all, this is a word or phrase you say in your head. It can hold meaning like the name of your role model growing up--Maya Angelou, Robert Kraft, etc. It can be a mantra or affirmation--I am loved, I am awesome, this is possible, and so on. If it resonates with you and uplifts you, it may be right.


3. Safe-word in action

Any time today you find yourself in the boxing ring with yourself fending off negativity, your safe word is your secret weapon. Say it as much as you need, and change it if it loses its affect. The objective is to take an active role in choosing what you think of yourself; promoting positivity inside tends to manifest outside.

To get daily texts from Shine, click here, and let us know in the comments below what you think of today's #50forMe Challenge!