Micro-Aggression Ends Here

Maybe it’s in the workplace. We find ourselves knee-deep in adulthood navigating corporate culture, office politics and expectations. At some point, a co-worker makes a slighting comment, and it isn’t the time nor place for a comeback. It could be at home, where our sanctuary comes with bills, chores and roommates of varying relationship statuses. At dinner, a loved one makes a passive-aggressive joke that isn’t very funny. For today’s #50forMe Challenge, we provide a solution to these compromising situations.




The Micro-Aggression Free Zone


Here’s How It Works


1. Print out or download one of these signs

2. Experience micro-aggression

3. Point to sign or pull it up on phone


There we have it. This is an excellent way to assert without a word, and it typically only has to be used once per culprit. Slowly, we can turn our homes and work spaces into more honest and pleasant environments.



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