Memory Capsule

Everything that we are today is a result of what we were in the past. Each of us has a unique story around the journey that is life. As children growing up, as teens finding self, as young adults losing self, then ultimately becoming who we are as adults, countless threads weave our respective tapestries. Each of us live the experiences of life—falling in love, learning how to support ourselves, learning how to support who and what we create. However, we each experience these differently.


Today our memories are usually captured in less tangible ways. Yet there’s something special in saving some of life’s moments. Enter: the memory capsule.

We often romanticize our big moments of youth, careless expression and growth; it can even be cathartic to reminisce on how we got here. Creating a memory capsule makes the indescribable unforgettable and celebrates how far we’ve come. Here are a few memory capsule ideas to reconnect you with who you were:


Scrapbook like it’s 1999

Print some of your IG and FB photo favorites, from today to back-in-the-day. prints up to 1,000 photos for you per month at no charge. There are no subscriptions nor commitments; simply pay their shipping fee which ranges from $1.99-9.99. With your photos, you can insert event tickets, invites and cards in an album. Add another nostalgic touch by listening to music from the time. Speaking of which…


Juke Box Jump Drive

Create a playlist with your favorite song from every year going back as long  as you can remember. Upload to a jump drive and add to it every year. Blast it on your b-day.


Good Old-Fashioned Shoe Box

Class rings, graduation sashes, notes, jewelry, Tamagatchi™s and Game Boy cartridges all come to mind.  Anything once dear to you goes into the box and then to a location where only you can find it.


Throwback Trunk

For those of us who may struggle with letting go of our favorite fashion pieces or just can’t release our collection of sneakers, stillettos, bags, ball caps, etc—even if it runs the risk of over-stuffing our burgeoning closets—the throwback trunk is prime for preserving the best of our wardrobes. Stay organized and in touch with your style’s past with these storage trunks:


The Timeless Journal

If rounding up your past is on your “not-to-do” list, start today. Remember the best moments of today and jot them down in a journal. Pinpoint the most impactful thing you learned and document it. Journals allow us to fill the blank pages with our full lives. Besides, this time tomorrow, this will all be history.


Let us know in the comments below which one of these appeals to you!

Photo courtesy of MÉLÒDÝ JACÒB