Home Hand Treatment


Have you given your hands any love lately? Two of the most used parts of our bodies tend to get the least attention, and over time this can lead to roughness and premature wrinkles. For today’s #50forMe Challenge, we’re giving ourselves a home hand treatment, complete with aromatherapy and hand massage.



What’s needed

¾ cup Pink Himalayan sea salt

Face towel

Oil or lotion

2 Bowls—one for hands and one for salt

1-2 Bottles of water

Essential oil- based on your comfort scent such as lavender, mint, rose and lemon


Before treatment

-Pour ½ cup pink salt into bowl for hands and the rest of the salt in the 2nd bowl

-Warm up water in microwave for 45-60 seconds or on stove on medium for 2-3 minutes

-Test temp, let cool if there’s too much steam and warm up more if necessary

-Once water is warmed to desired temp, pour it into hand bowl

-Add 3 drops of essential oil



-Submerge hands into water to your wrists

-Let soak for 10-15 minutes

-Pat dry on towel



-Pour remaining salt into palm and rub hands, fingers and palms together for one minute

-Dip hands back in water and remove salt



-Apply generous amount of oil or lotion

-Massage one hand at a time, rolling the knuckles from palms to fingertips 10-20 times

-Clasp hands together and roll wrists in a coordinated motion for one minute

-Stretch wrists by pulling one hand back with the other for 2 counts of 8, then pushing it forward

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Once you finish, your hands should feel soft to the touch and more relaxed. How did your digits feel after their treatment? Let us know in the comments below.