The Foot Soak

photo credit:  Anete Lūsiņa

photo credit: Anete Lūsiņa

As we come out of hibernation, we may notice some maintenance issues in the foot department. After boot season, our feet can be worn out. Activities like commuting, working out and even driving can exhaust our feet. For today’s #50forMe Challenge, we’re discussing the benefits of foot soaking.


Foot soaking can be an ideal method for rejuvenating our feet. It involves mixing Epsom salt with purified water and submerging the feet for 20-30 minutes. Used regularly, it has a number of benefits for the feet and more.



Foot soaks can help the body rid itself of toxins. The properties of Epsom salt can flush the waste in the body’s fluids and aid the parts of our cells that keep them clean. Also, the hot water used for soaks opens the pores and helps draw out toxins.



After winter, our skin can be rough from drying winds and cold that can crack the skin. Rougher skin is a defense mechanism for our systems. The solution made by the salt and water eases the skin, like a salt water gargle soothes a sore throat. This leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. For some ways to revitalize the skin on your face, take a look at these DIY moisturizing masks.



Epsom salt is known to reduce swelling and ease sore muscles. The steam from the soak can even settle respiratory irritation from asthma and bronchitis.



Foot soaks can help ease the mind, too. Decompress after a long day or during a long weekend by incorporating essential oil-infused Epsom salts. It’s also possible to add aromatherapy to the soak; comfort scents such as lavender, eucalyptus, and amber can relax the senses. Foot soaks are also an opportunity to practice stillness which can be an essential component to feeling peace. Below we outline the components to a foot soak.



- 12inx8in plastic bin 

- ¾ cups Epsom salt

- 4 bottles of water

- Towel

- Moisturizer


How To

1. Boil bottled water

2. Lay out towel in front of a chair or couch and put bin on its edge. You’ll dry and moisturize your feet on the opposite edge

3. Add ¾ cup of Epsom salt to bin

4. Slowly pour in boiling water

5. Refill the same pot used for boiling with cold water and pour into the bin

6. Fill it a second time and pour in water until it’s at a comfortable temperature. Try to keep in mind that feet will soak for up to 30 minutes. The hotter it can be at first, the better.

7. Test water with one toe, add cold water if necessary

8. Once the temperature is right, ease feet in and relax

9. After 20-30 minutes, dry feet and moisturize. Add socks to maximize softness



- Flush bin’s contents

- Rinse bin in the tub/shower

- Consider designating one towel to be for protecting the floor during soak, as well as for drying feet and bin


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