Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Endorsement



What is a Social Media Endorsement?

Endorsements come from Social Media Influencers--You Tubers, bloggers, the Insta-famous, etc.--who impact their audiences through their unique voice or niche. We recruit Influencers who have audiences that match your market, then we manage your endorsement campaigns to fit with your brand and message. For example, we would connect a massage therapist who specializes in prenatal massage with a mommy blogger who caters to soon-to-be parents.


How much does Endorsement affect my business and bottom line?

Research from influencer marketing platform revealed that social media influencer endorsement leads to a 92% increase in expanded brand awareness, an 88% increase in reaching new targeted audiences and a 74% improvement in sales conversion.

Endorsements remain on Endorser’s accounts—blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.—providing permanent space for people to learn about your products and services. On top of this, by reaching at least 3000 people per Endorsement, if even 1% of them become customers, that’s 30 people adding to your bottom line.


What counts as Endorsement?

Endorsers post mentions through their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, blog or podcast. Each mention includes your company’s name and, where applicable, the product or service they experienced. As a quality control measure, we review posts before they’re published.


Do I have to offer any goods or services to Endorsers?

This is not required, though highly recommended. It enables the Endorser to gain more insight on what you offer and capture more content for their posts.


Is this really worth the money?

If you are content with your client base, if you have enough customers and your company is known to enough people, BloomBlush Membership can still enhance your exposure. We differentiate your products + services by promoting them as self-care essentials, and through Endorsement, we can bring thousands of new eyes to your company. 


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