About Fit U


Atlanta-based personal wellness company, Fit U, uses an integrated and wholistic approach to promote a healthy lifestyle. Founder and expert trainer David Werdelin is a retired military veteran with over 20 years of experience. He combines fitness, nutrition, and self-empowerment to maximize his clients’ results.


Along with personal training, you can join an early morning bootcamp that will have your heart pumping before sunrise. For a lower impact workout, there are aquatic exercise courses available, and groups can reserve a team building session on the Fit U Obstacle Course.


Fit U Founder and Trainer David Werdelin

Fit U Founder and Trainer David Werdelin

For the past 8 years, Fit U has hosted women’s empowerment and self-defense courses, teaching proactive protection tactics. David also lends his expertise to a number of wellness retreats worldwide.


As a nutritional chef, he works with you to develop a personalized meal plan to round out your fitness regimen. If you’re ready to reach new fitness heights, become a part of Fit U today!


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Cover photo by Justyn Warner. Profile photos courtesy of David Werdelin